Beauty in the Post-Covid 19 Era - Il Beauty nell'Era Post-Covid19: Nuove Tendenze e l'Importanza dello Storytelling

With Chiara Bonucci, Marketing & Sales Manager Italy “Beautystreams”

Beauty and Wellbeing are the Result of What We Experience Internally and What We Reflect Externally

With Pierre Ravan, Heartfulness Meditation & Yoga Trainer, DJ/Producer and high-end Fashion&Fragrance Collaborator

Behind the Scenes of Innovation - Dietro le Quinte dell'Innovazione

With Annalisa Betti, Journalist and Matteo Locatelli, CEO Pink Frogs Cosmetics

From the Concept to the Market Launch: How to Create scented products Line - Dall’idea al lancio sul mercato: come creare una nuova linea di prodotti profumati

Giovanni D’Agostinis, Founder and Cosmetic Consultant at Cosmeo and Claudia Scattolini, Fragrance Designer

The Cutaneous Microbiota: a new Frontier in Dermocosmetics

With Emanuela Bartolozzi, Physician, Specialising in Anti-Aging Medicine and Cosmetic Science, Expert in Nutrition, Nutrigenomics and Integrated Medicine