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About brand

Behind every Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio product is a promise of beauty and well-being. Nature is the source of inspiration, and scientific research is integral to our time-tested formulas. Expertise, tradition and sustainability are the keystones for our cosmetics, perfumes and nutraceuticals with an aim to enhance everyone’s uniqueness.

Housed in a 13th century palace in the heart of Florence, Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio is a renowned natural pharmacy/perfumery founded by Dr. Giovanni di Massimo, an intrepid pharmacist and investigative herbalist whose meticulously researched products are the basis for the company’s SPV brand.

This family business, now managed by his daughter Francesca, maintains its deep roots of tradition and innovation with a gaze aimed at a sustainable future.


SPEZIERIE PALAZZO VECCHIO’s innovative anti-aging offer consists of two cosmetics and a nutraceutical for a synergistic and enhanced action in line with the brand philosophy that is a promise of beauty and well-being. These products contain plant based active ingredients that have a synergistic action and enhance each other. The formulas are the result of careful study and time tested reserch.


IMMUNO 6 is the most complete expression of the concept of beauty and well-being by Spezierie Palazzo Vecchio: plant based active ingredients in a formula that is the result of careful study and time tested scientific research.

It contains Argan Oil, Hyaluronic Acid, Resveratrol, Rhodiola Rosea, Coenzyme Q-10, Pomegranate, Ginkgo Biloba.

The active ingredients are powerful antioxidants which, thanks to their variety and high concentration, fight and reduce the formation of various type of free radicals, responsible of skin cellular aging: they stimulate cell renewal and microcirculation, they act over time maintaining tone and elasticity; this product is guaranteed in its effectiveness for all skin types.


La Barriera del Tempo is a liposomal serum that acts on all signs of skin aging thanks to the synergistic action of its active ingredients. Thanks to the liposomes, its active ingredients penetrate deeper than the cream. It contains Hyaluronic Acid, Coenzyme Q10, Resveratrol, Ceramides

  • Coenzyme Q10 and Resveratrol have powerful antioxidant, toning and restructuring effects
  • Hyaluronic acid has an intensely moisturizing action
  • Ceramides have a smoothing and silky action

For all skin types. Apply before IMMUNO 6 cream


Food supplement based on Coenzyme Q10 and dry plant extracts of Turmeric, Resveratrol, Rodhiola Rosea, Pomegranate and Lycopene with high percentage of standardized active ingredients: the amount of active ingredient is high, declared and guaranteed.

The food supplement acts from within and the plurality of synergistic and complementary antioxidant principles guarantees a contrasting action on various radicals present in the body.

Product notified to the Ministry of Health with code 57237.

Our expertise

It is 1965, Dr. di Massimo, pharmacist, after managing several pharmacies in various Italian cities, begins to formulate his own products, driven by the need to offer natural, phytocosmetic and phytotherapic products in its pharmacy.

In 1978 he moved with his family in the countryside: through the study, never interrupted, of plants and flowers, he deepened and researched their potential … the formulation transforms into a brand.

He leaves the pharmacy definitively and moves to Florence. Palazzo Vecchio Spezierie is born!

All products are carefully formulated with ingredients of the highest quality and without any chemical components whose cosmetic safety is not guaranteed. Instead, safe preservatives, sequestering agents, antioxidants and surfactants used are derived solely from plants— all ethically sourced. No animal products or testing are ever used.

Dr. Di Massimo created plant based beauty brands i PROFUMI di FIRENZE and la COSMETICA FIORENTINA — renowned for their highly concentrated natural active ingredients and Renaissance traditions of hand crafted excellence.

This Florentine historical inspiration comes from the Experimenti manuscript of Caterina Sforza De Medici-a Renaissance codex of cosmetic arts containing Caterina’s beauty and fragrance secrets. Her encyclopedic knowledge of natural raw materials with generous use of base notes are the indispensable factors for transmitting the absolute originality and enduring power of the fragrances.

In 2015 Francesca Di Massimo, the doctor’s only daughter, joins the company. Graduated in herbal sciences and with long managerial experience at an international level, at first she deals with optimizing the company in terms of organization, marketing and management control, then directs her training to deepen the formulation of fragrances with the study of raw materials and formulation laboratories at Cinquieme Sense in Paris; she then dedicated herself to the study of phytoterapy with a university master’s degree in Applied Phytoterapy in Rome.

Our philosophy

Passion has become a project, the project inevitably turns into a mission: beauty, well-being, health, a paradigm expressed through products; the purpose is to address the need for people to seek physical and mental balance throughout the course of life.

The starting point is absolute and universal: Nature.

La Cosmetica Fiorentina is an innovative natural cosmetic line that uses highly concentrated plant-based and natural active ingredients whose effectiveness is scientifically proven. To ensure safety, all products undergo a range of tests including Dermatological Patch Test at the University of Ferrara Cosmetology Center.

Products are further confirmed in testing not to contain heavy metals. No animal testing nor animal ingredients are ever used.

Our products do not contain:

  • Vaseline oils, Paraffin
  • Parabens, Lauril Alchil-Sulfates
  • Traditional chelating agents such as EDTA.
  • Synthetic antioxidants such as BHA and BHT.
  • .

Instead We Use:

  • A mixture of Benzyl Alcohol (a substance found in natural essential oils)
  • Dehydroacetic acid (ECOCERT allowed preservatives) as preservatives
  • A natural sequestering agent extracted from rice hulls called Phytic acid, which, in addition to the chelating and preservatives properties, acts as antioxidant, whitening, and soothing agent.
  • A natural blend of Ascorbil Palmitate and free Tocopherol as antioxidant
  • Ultra-delicate and skin like plant-based surfactants

Dr. Di Massimo’s nutraceutics contain natural active ingredients as well as essential nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, enzymes, proteins and plant extract for everyone’s wellbeing. They are formulated according to 3 main criteria:

  • All the Active Principles used in the formulas have standardized active ingredients and those are highly concentrated.
  • Each formula contains various plants and active ingredients that have been selected by the Doctor to have a synergic and complementary action. The extracts of the selected plants and their effects are documented by clinical studies recorded in the monographs of medicinal plants of the World Health Organization.
  • The supplements formulation is cyclically updated based on the results of published scientific research and possibly modified to offer a safe and cutting-edge product.

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