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About brand

Seticrei, our philosophy in our name

Everyone has the possibility to recreate themselves everyday, the important thing is to decide it and wanting it. Start your days with “SE TI CREI” (If you create yourself), think about what to do for yourself and decide with consciousness.

We want to be there for this purpose, that’s why we decided to offer you the best natural cosmetics for your wealth, your skin, for the light of your face. Seticrei wants to create not only natural cosmetics but cosmetics with 100% pure principles, not diluted or fake. This binomial obtains the important results that we receive with a continuative usage of our products! And we don’t forget the style!


Diamond Line, our spearhead

Seticrei’s three lines, Prestige Line, Caviar Line and Diamond Line, represent the result of a lot of years of study, dedication and passion, and secure women with high quality and pure cosmetics.

We reserve a particular attention to our Diamon Line, the first cabin ritual with pure natural diamond powder.

Diamond is the most precious gem existing in nature and it is considered an essential mineral for our health and the youth of our skin, it activates natural anti-age processes, protecting the skin from the negative effects of pollution. Diamonds, in form of micro crystals and micro particles of different sizes, are elements that are necessary in order to renovate epidermis and to take off impurities that daily deposit on our skin.

Natural diamond powder is full of trace elements that can activate and regulate the vital chemical reactions of our cells by intervening in the epidermal microcirculation. Thank to this process our skin brights of an extraordinary brightness.

We joined diamond natural powder with peptides, amino acids united by a peptide bond that are used in cosmetics for their anti-age effect.

How do they manage to do this process?

They are vehicle substances. On our epidermis we have structures that are composed by sugar, polysaccharides, called receptors. These receptors take the vehicle substances and carry them to our cell nucleus. This process made our diamond ritual a moment through which you can obtain a fantastic skin with an important lifting effect.

Our expertise

Nature with style

Our idea is to offer women the happiness of using body and face creams that can respect both themselves and nature.

At the same time we want to express our brand with elegance and style, as great names of cosmetics do. For this reason we decided to have a fresh, creative, colorful and elegant look, to bring in your homes high quality cosmetics that can color your days.

This is not only our purpose. Have you ever felt disappointed by the cosmetics you bought?

To be sure that you use the perfect product for yourself, Seticrei offers a free consultancy service for your skin, this helps the cosmetics to be more efficient with your skin and you won’t risk to buy a cosmetic that may not result suitable.

Our philosophy

Seticrei Academy

Seticrei is a philosophy, as the playword says, this philosophy teach us that we have the opportunity to recreate ourselves, starting from the consciousness of what we use everyday for our beauty routine.

Through our intensive workshop, Seticrei Academy, Donatella Colangelo, founder of the brand, will teach you cosmetic education and you will learn to read the INCI of every product you use everyday. All the principles used for our products will be illustrated and explained. Consciousness starts also from the scientific knowledge we provide. Thanks to the support of the esthetic doctor Selene Marini, you will learn the DEEP NATURAL MANUAL LIFTING, an extraordinary massage for your face through which you’ll get to know all the secrets of the face and skin and you will be able to practice this massage to your clients! With Seticrei Academy we want to lead you in this real revolution that will completely change the approach to the face massage. For more information on the next dates visit our website

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