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About Brand

With a hundred years of experience in the beauty treatment world and a solid family tradition of creating perfumes, Rudy Profumi today represents a confirmed brand of genuineness and excellent quality, also because of the unstoppable research on cosmetics that characterises it.

The Milan company, established in 1920, has been defining itself from the very beginning as a high profile fragrance house that unites maximum attention to its choice of raw materials with a strong inclination for design.

Rudy Profumi, which has reached the 4th generation of a solid and important family tradition, continues building a universe made of fragrances and perfumes with zeal and enthusiastic determination, a universe that skilfully combines sought-after aromas with cosmetics principles for body and personal care, a universe that blends pleasantness and wellbeing.


The Maioliche line was inspired by Italian artistic tradition, which we tried to represent through unique, iconic packaging. The line takes you on a journey through the culture and artistic beauty of our country. It is a tribute to our roots and culture, to the sense of beauty that distinguishes us globally. The items in the line are true decor items that make every corner of your home pleasant, that give a feeling of comfort and elegance without neglecting the sensuality of the formulas of each product: delicate and elegantly perfumed foams, creams with a silky, hydrating texture, Eau de Toilette with elegant, embracing notes. A precious line that is perfect as a gift, no matter what the occasion.

The Nature & Arome “Apothecary” line includes a full range of products for looking after your skin that are enriched with precious oils and Vitamin E, perfect, complementary elements for skin that is silky, well cared for. Blended with a careful selection of extraordinary fragrances that make this product special, the line unites the pleasure of embracing perfumes with the cosmetic properties that make your wellbeing ritual even more unique and precious.

Our expertise

We design and create toiletries that are characterised by exclusive, elegant and iconic packaging, refined perfumes, formulas made with carefully selected, modern, delicate, high performance raw materials. “Masstige” products that are not just for daily use but which transform into true bathroom decor items that become a part of daily life thanks to the special characteristics of their packaging. They are true home décor objects.

Our philosophy

We are proud to be a 4th generation family company; established in 1920, this year we are celebrating 100 years of history and presence on the market. This identifies us as a company of value, stability and tradition, a true Made in Italy banner in the world, a distinctive sign that we proudly export and which is recognised by our foreign partners. Our products are rigorously Made in Italy.

We work honestly and with ethics, respecting our personnel and our country by using the resources of our market. We concentrate on quality, not just profit.

What represents and defines us is the originality of our lines, attention to tendencies, and the fact that we always try to give our clients products that truly pamper them and their homes.

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