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The ROSSANO FERRETTI haircare line consists of 100% made in Italy products, created with a green and sustainable perspective, without sulphates and enriched with active ingredients derived from biotechnology. With careful attention to the textures and fragrances of the formulations.

Rossano Ferretti Parma products are hair cosmetics and are designed to reveal hair’s inner beauty. The Rossano Ferretti Parma product line is prepared through a careful selection of the best ingredients, and are the result of a combination of powerful natural substances and the best active ingredients derived from biotechnology.

Suitable for all hair types, Rossano Ferretti Parma products guarantee exceptional results, making hair healthier, stronger, softer, brighter, lighter, more silky, in other words: “more beautiful”.


Dolce repair & nourish hair mask

The Mask uses Shea Butter, Fruit OIls and Keratin in a formula rich with over 97% naturally derived ingredients to provide exceptional nourishment, hydration, moisturising and de-stressing to aid Hair Extensions and the driest hair to look and feel softer, shiny and healthy.


Helps hair extensions and even the driest hair to look and feel much softer, de-stressed and hydrated.


Very Dry Hair & Hair Extensions can break easily and our formula helps maintain hair resilience.


Our natural ingredients contain all the nutrients, vitamins, minerals and antioxidents hair needs to be healthy & feel great.


Does not contain any animal derived ingredients.


We used Shea Butter, Keratin, Green Tea and Sunflower and Free from Sulphates, Free from Parabens, Free from Mineral oils and other harsh chemicals.


None of our products or ingredients are tested on animals.


Conceived with respect by our artisans in Italy.



Naturally soothing, moisturizing, & protective benefits for the hair. Shea butter has restructuring effects on the scalp & also on dry and fragile hair. Contains healthy fats, vitamins, & other active elements, which help cell regeneration and capillary circulation.


A naturally occuring protein that works to improve elasticity, restoring hair cuticles. It works to provide protection against cuticle damage caused by common hairstyling practices such as combing and styling.


Antioxidant plant extract that nourishes and protects hair.


High in the essential vitamin E, conditions hair & protects against colour fading.

Our expertise

The key to Rossano Ferretti’s success is the creation of his hair cutting method, which has revolutionized the perception of hair style and is considered one of the most important innovations of the last 40 years in its sector.

The method was born from dissatisfaction with everything that represented the beauty of hair in a stereotyped and artificial way. The intention was to bring out the particular beauty of each woman, speaking a language of elegance, naturalness and uniqueness. With constant and passionate work, Rossano Ferretti has managed to become the spokesperson for natural and personalized beauty, thus creating a revolution in the way people live, understand and communicate beauty.

In an era more than saturated with new trends and complex beauty techniques, Rossano has masterfully stripped beauty and its sector up to the most natural essence, creating a connection between personality, body and hair.

Its haircare products are 100% made in Italy, created with a green and sustainable perspective, free of sulphates and enriched with active ingredients derived from biotechnology.

Backed by careful attention to the textures and fragrances of its formulas, the entire Rossano Ferretti product line is free of parahydroxybenzoates, formaldehyde and SLS. The absence of sulphates reduces the foam in shampoos, without however losing their effectiveness in cleaning hair.

What makes this line unique is the recognition that the method has acquired internationally and the high values of study and natural beauty that the brand brings in every event. Using Rossano Ferretti products means embracing his idea of looking for a non-artificial and natural look.

Our philosophy

The products of the Rossano Ferretti line locate in a perspective of deep respect for the person and have the aim of being able to recreate among the domestic walls experiences of beauty comparable to those experienced in Rossano Ferretti’s salons, present all over the world.

Here are the principles on which they are based:

Long lasting effects

Hair stays clean and retains its shine longer than common shampoos and conditioners.

Superior quality conditioner

Rossano Ferretti conditioners better detangle hair and make it easier to comb, as well as they increase its resistance against potential damage caused by the mechanical action of the brush or the heat of the hairdryer.

Softening effect

Thanks to an excellent hair treatment system, Rossano Ferretti products give the hair extraordinary softness.

Lipid repair

The proteins and lipids naturally present on the surface of the hair keep it healthier. Being on the surface, these substances are particularly delicate and can disappear due to chemical or mechanical treatments. The Rossano Ferretti Treatment performs an important function because it restores the balance and the natural structure of the hair fiber, giving it shine and softness. It gives elasticity, restores the cuticles and guarantees protection against any damage to the cuticles caused by the normal ways of combing or styling. By ensuring the restoration of protein and lipid chains, the hair appears rejuvenated.

Extraordinary shine

The most effective technology in the alignment of the hair fibers, combined with a high refractive index, guarantees an extraordinary shine.


The use of unique biopolymers allows for a long lasting styling, reducing the frizz effect caused by humidity and controlling the static electricity of the hair.

Immediate benefits:

The cosmetic effect of the products is immediately visible, however, the best results can be achieved after two weeks of treatment.

An emotional journey

Thanks to particular attention to the textures and the wonderful fragrances of its formulas, this line of products allows you to live the refined sensorial experience of Rossano Ferretti salons at home.

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