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About brand

Rivoli is an exclusive Swiss brand, owned by a family-run company, which gathers under a single roof the research, development and production of high-quality cosmetics.

Thanks to the importance it places on research, Rivoli offers a discerning clientele a different approach to beauty, notably by providing a legitimate, clinically proven alternative to invasive beauty treatments such as collagen and hyaluronic acid injections.

Rivoli products contain intelligent biotechnology that delivers tailor-made skin care with each application. Advanced Skin Precursors (ASP) let the skin process the optimal quantity of active ingredients needed.

Our products are subjected to a rigorous certification process, ensuring that ingredients and their production methods are in compliance with the exacting standards of the Vegan Society.


Le Corps Réparation & Bien-être Repair & Wellness

Well-being and comfort: used on a daily basis, this body treatment provides an effective answer to changes in the skin caused by stress and external aggressions. This soothing, repairing formula offers proven effectiveness thanks to a three-dimensional action: it favors intense and long-lasting hydration, rebalances the skin’s microbiota and restores its natural hydrolipidic film.

LE PRIVILÈGE BASE TRAITANTE changes packaging and reduces its environmental impact.

Faced with the challenge of climate change, the ecological implications of packaging are among Rivoli’s primary concerns. A real conundrum the theme of recycling and a challenge that the brand has decided to face up, setting as objective the maximum reduction of its environmental impact starting from 2020. In this spirit, Rivoli has redesigned the packaging for LE PRIVILÈGE ACTIVE RADIANCE PRIMER, a multifunctional vegan skincare for a smooth, unified complexion — a true “no-needle” aesthetic alternative. The 80% of the primary packaging is in glass, fully recyclable. Boxes, sleeves and leaflets in paper and cardboard are also 100% recyclable: printing is done using vegetable inks (flax, soy, rapeseed oil, etc.) and are free of mineral oils. Finally, cellophane packaging has been entirely banned and replaced by recyclable sealing.

Our expertise

Because women’s beauty is unique, Rivoli knows that her skin is unique too. Years of research and an exceptional heritage in cosmetics has allowed Rivoli to develop formulations smart enough to adapt to any type of skin. By understanding the skin aging process and aiming to control the effect of time, thanks to unique technologies, Rivoli has opened up the era of “intelligent skincare”.

Our philosophy

Rivoli Genève aims to offer to a selective clientele efficient skincare solution, based on the latest findings in skin biology. All our products are formulated on a deep knowledge and intelligence of how the skin works, reacts and matures. Not only efficacy but also skin friendliness and sustainability are a must for all Rivoli products. Applying the philosophy of “La Beauté Intelligente”, the brand combines refinement with the latest cosmetic innovations, for radiant, enduring beauty that respects the skin’s eco-system.

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