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We all have our own personal frustrations related to appearance, but nothing is more worrying and embarrassing than hair loss. Renessence is a revolutionary bioengineering system for hair renewal, which effectively and safely combats the aging and thinning of hair, as it improves its health.

It is the first and only hair care product developed and created by a famous plastic surgeon and scientist, a pioneer of skincare, whose cutting-edge innovations have revolutionized the cosmetic industry. His team includes a number of established scientists and formulators, veterans of the cosmetic industry and a celebrity hairdresser, who represent decades of experience and dedication in the transformation of skin and hair.


Renessance Follicle Forever Serum

Renaissance Forever Follicle Serum is a serum that combats hair loss by stimulating the stem cells inside the dormant follicle, preventing hair loss and encouraging new growth. The super serum stops hair loss and promotes the growth of new ones. The secret ingredient? Mirroirte a peptide exclusive patent Renessence stimulates hair growth at the level of stem cells.


• Encourage new growth. Mirrorite-peptide bioengineering exclusive Renessence-stimulates hair growth at the level of stem cells.

• Resveratrol-an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and prevent the death of the follicle.

• Safe for color and chemically treated hair.

• Easy to use to use, no-drip formula that dries in 5 minutes.


• With the use of the entire system Renessence, 97% of participants experienced an increase in the density and volume.

• 94% of participants saw hair stronger and healthier.

• 85% of participants have noted the increased manageability, 91% saw enhanced gloss.

• 87% of participants experienced an improvement integrity hairline.


Mirroirté™, a Renessence-exclusive bioengineered peptide that initiates hair growth at the stem cell level.

Octapeptide-2 promotes growth within follicle stem cells.

Capixyl™ stops hair loss and stimulates growth.

Anti-inflammatory Resveratrol reverses and prevents follicle death.

Alpha Linoleic, Azaelic, & Gamma Linoleic Acids, Zinc dually inhibit and eradicate DHT*.

Vitamin F stimulates growth and prevents new growth damage.

*DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) is a derivative of the male hormone testosterone and a primary culprit of hair loss in both men and women.

Our expertise

Used for preventive purposes or as an antidote for aging and thinning hair, Renessence is formulated for men and women of all ages, making it effective for both genders. It improves the current and future state of your hair, and nourishes all hair types, helping them to stay healthy for as long as possible.

The exclusive system, Renessence Follicle Forever Renewal Serum, is completely unique, as it is the only product against hair loss capable of working at the molecular level, which uses stem cell technology.


Biorenewal-Stem Cell-Complex, by awakening “dormant” follicles, through the stimulation of stem cells, promotes a growth phase with longer life time and guarantees healthier hair through the stimulation of the follicles; Capixyl ™ blocks the effect of DHT and is a proven alternative to Minoxidil ™; and Procapil ™ increases blood flow to the scalp, ensuring healthier and growing hair.


Renessence was created by a famous plastic surgeon thanks to his profound knowledge of molecular biology and for the results for the treatment of burns and other skin lesions.

This knowledge led to the introduction of the first skincare product capable of merging successfully biotechnology with the beauty industry. These are the innovative biological discoveries that are the foundation of the Renessence Hair Renewal System.

Our philosophy

Unlike other hair care products, Renessence attacks the main culprits of aging and thinning, including the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone, a derivative of testosterone, the male hormone that causes hair loss in men and women), circulatory deficiency, and above all, the reserve of stem cells of the body.

The revolutionary and patented Biorenewal-Stem Cell-Complex resurrects the follicles that are in a prolonged dormant state, stimulating follicular stem cells, a fundamental component for hair growth. Biorenewal-Stem Cell-Complex effectively combats hair aging, strengthening it and giving structure and body even to fine hair. It counteracts and prevents thinning.


The follicular growth phase, known as Anagen, represents 85% of the hair’s life time, with a constant development (of 2 -7 years). For the remaining 15% the hair enters a rest period, first in the Catagen phase, a period in which the follicle stops its proliferative activity. Lastly there is the Telogen phase in which the existing hair ends its life to give space to a new hair.

Stress, hormonal and / or metabolic imbalances can reduce the Anagen phase and progressively cause the various types of Alopecia, better known as hair loss.

Renessence revitalizes the hair bulb by counteracting aging and thinning, through the stages of life and growth.

Shampoo, conditioner and serum are formulated with a mixture of peptides, vitamins and nutrients, which specifically involve all stages of growth, avoiding hair loss.

Renessence adv

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