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Polí, the birth of a revolutionary brand

The will of Dr Barbara Poli to create an innovative company, able to reflect the values and beliefs gained during training at the School of Specialization in Cosmetic Science and Technology of the University of Ferrara and following important work experiences in the field pharmaceutical, led to the birth, in 2007, of the Polí brand. Since the beginning, the brand has positioned itself within the cosmetic panorama as a unique company of its kind, which presents a functional and minimalist packaging, preferring to invest more resources on the use of quality raw materials and scrupulously take care of the product formulation. Polí cosmetics are distinguished by their good the toxicological profile, their sebum similarity and the effective concentration of use of the active ingredients. Today Polí is a reality in continuous expansion, thanks to the quality of its work and the efficacy of its products, the company sets itself up in the world of cosmetics becoming a reference point for pharmacies, bio-perfumeries, doctors and beauty salons.


“What kind of skin do I have?” It is a meaningless question

“How can I improve the condition of my skin?” This is the right question to ask.

For this Polí created OH!!

In three simple steps, I can create the cream my skin needs.

I carry out the test in less than two minutes with the beauty device. I compare the results with those shown in the table. I create the perfect cream for me.

This product is based on the careful study of the hydrolipidic film, that very thin layer composed of water and oily substances that covers our skin and naturally protects it from external aggressions.

When we lose the balance between these substances, to restore it and return to an optimal situation, we must first find out what type of substance we must replenish and in what percentage.

OH!! it is the only system on the market that connects the results of scientific analysis, that is, the test that each of us can do directly on one’s face, to the immediate creation of the personalized cream.

The simplicity of this method is the result of a study started in 2000, which was then developed and perfected on a truly large number of people, thanks to the collaboration of over 100 spas/beauty farms/pharmacies/perfumeries.

In addition to the first use, it will also be possible to carry out the analysis at each change of season and whenever the need is felt.

The idea of this innovative kit was born from the desire of Dr. Poli, since the time of the School of Specialization in Cosmetic Science and The technology of the University of Ferrara, to create a truly exclusive product, which would give the person the best of cosmetics on the basis of scientific results.

To achieve this, innovative active ingredients were chosen (documented by efficacy tests) used ineffective the concentration of use, for maximum results.

With this kit you can overcome what has been done so far, albeit with great attention, to mitigate the environmental impact of the production of face cream. In fact, to create this cream it will not be necessary to follow the classic industrial process, an action that in environmental terms has an energy cost, but all this will be replaced by the simple movement of the finger on the back of the hand.

The kit contains 1 beauty device to carry out the SKIN TEST and 2 products that will be used both to carry out the test and to create the perfect face cream.

This product contains Argireline® Amplified peptide the latest technological innovation in the field of cosmetics, a hexapeptide obtained according to the principles of Green Chemistry, which amplifies the effectiveness of Argireline: it reduces expression wrinkles, but also has a lifting effect, an effectvolumizing of the cheek, increases brightness, elasticity and firmness, smoothes the skin. The result is Amplifying beauty, simplifying routines.

Polí is the first brand worldwide to have it present in one of its products.

Our expertise

The secret of a free formulation

The Polí brand is characterized by the concept of the cosmetic product. Barbara Poli dedicates a large part of her efforts in the search for innovative and efficient raw materials which, in addition to presenting in-depth documentation to support their effectiveness, have an excellent profile from a toxicological point of view. Moreover, the doctor, in addition to carrying out the activity of producer and formulator, has been evaluating the safety of products for years on behalf of important multinationals operating in the cosmetic sector. This role, in addition to conferring a broad knowledge of the substances used in the sector, testifies to Barbara Poli’s commitment to choosing safe ingredients. In addition, to exclude any allergic reaction from the body, all Polí products boast the use of similar sebum ingredients, consisting, that is, of substances of natural origin already contained in the sebum of the epidermis and therefore known by the body. In the next phase, the doctor proceeds with the formulation of the product ensuring the presence of the active ingredients in the effective concentration of use in order to guarantee the maximum effect of the cosmetic. This modus operandi, which does not place any limitation on the formulation, eludes market laws which often, for marketing needs, impose limited budgets on the choice and quantity of raw materials to cope with the investments intended for product presentation through targeted advertising campaigns and, above all, to a particularly refined packaging. In addition, the Polí line, using different cosmetic formulations, offers a varied range of cosmetics that perform the same function in order to allow the customer to choose a product that is not only suitable for their needs but capable, at the same time, of satisfying that feeling of comfort that, in fact, each person feels differently. Offering a comfortable product means facilitating its use and, as experimental studies show, only constant use, marked by a regular frequency, can guarantee beneficial effects on the skin.

Our philosophy

The philosophy of the Polí brand

Each product of the Polí line was born, even before in a laboratory, from the values that have always inspired its founder. Away from marketing logic and therefore free from any conditioning, Barbara Poli shapes her products as if they were unique works of art. Guiding the choices of the doctor is the well-being that each type of skin requires and, in this sense, it is particularly sensitive skin that is taken as a reference point because it requires absolutely safe products that are able to ensure certain results. Thanks to a formulation that boasts truly effective active ingredients as they are present in the maximum concentration of use and the use of innovative raw materials, similar sebum and, therefore, really safe, Polì products carve out a prominent place in the national panorama of the cosmetics. The choice of a minimalist and essential packaging never compromises on functionality, on the contrary, the formulation and structure of the container are designed to offer maximum comfort to those who use a Polí cosmetic. After all, the simplicity with which the final product packaging is presented, which does not require the use of superfluous and useless material, is the reflection of a clear ecological choice.

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