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Philip B. is appreciated for his visionary approach to hair, scalp and body treatments. Its blends, based on pure botany and essential oils in high concentrations, have changed the way luxury hair and skin care are perceived.

Thanks to his deep experience in the field, his studies and his passion for hair and scalp, Philip B. has created for his customers natural and genuine healing products, such as homemade ones. He used the finest and freshest ingredients to develop potions and treatments that facilitate the rebalancing of damaged hair and face the anomalies of the scalp. Philip B. has received prestigious awards for the extraordinary results obtained, not only by the world of beauty but also by the medical community.



A revolutionary way to protect and revitalize thinning, dry and over worked hair. A revolutionary way to protect and revitalize thinning, dry and over worked hair.  

The gold standard of rescue masques. An indulgently luxurious and opulent masque that restructures, revitalizes, revives and regenerates all hair types. Restores natural shine and luster, bounce and body lost by chemical processing, heat styling and environmental damage. Prevents breakage and split-ends. Ideal for dry, damaged, color-treated porous hair.


– Pea Peptides for hair strengthening and anti-aging. Peptides help to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

Oleosomes: TIME-RELEASED BOTANICAL DELIVERY SYSTEM for moisture and a lustrous shine.

– Pyrus Malus (Apple) Fruit Extract: anti-aging, helps to protect hair from free radical damage, moisturizes.

Argan Oil – rich in essential fatty acids, Vitamin E, helps to smooth frizz and split ends as well as provide softness.

L-Amino Acids: essential component in the production of keratin, which is the primary building block in hair strands.

– Glycerin: Moisturizer, which are made to pull moisture into the hair and retain it.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5) reduces split ends, adds shine and improves the texture of damaged hair.

Our expertise

Philip B. began his professional hair styling career as a teenager in his home state of Massachusetts. In 1984, he moved to Los Angeles and found work in salons frequented by Hollywood celebrities. Finding that commercial treatments were inadequate for healing over-processed hair common to movie actresses, Philip B. experimented with botanical blends of his own. He sourced ingredients for custom-blended essential oil formulations at local farmers’ markets and herb shops. His first commercial formula, Philip B. Rejuvenating Oil, was first sold at Fred Segal in Los Angeles in 1992. His venture went nationwide a year later with placement at Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman. Today, Philip B. treatment and styling products are also sold online and in countries from Europe to the Middle East to Asia.

“I love giving hair treatments and seeing people instantly transformed. Clients always say to me, ‘If only everyone could sit in your chair!’ But everyone can: It’s not me – it’s the products. All of them were tested on my clients, many of whom are famous people who need to have a great hair day, every day. From the first time I saw what pure botanicals could do for hair, especially when used at potent, active levels, I knew that I was onto something. And your feedback confirms that: Even if I’m not there, I can be there in spirit!” ~ Philip B.

Our philosophy

Philip B. is a hair treatment line that allows you to obtain healthy skin and vigorous hair in just a few steps.

The fundamental concepts on which the brand is conceived are:


A study of the healing powers of the elements of botanical origin allows to create increasingly effective synergies thanks to the use of plants from all over the world.


Philip B. products contain a minimum concentration of preservatives and are subjected to rigorous and constant laboratory tests. The line is also free of parabens and phthalates and uses, where possible, surfactants of alternative origin.


Philip B. draws its strength from nature, which is why it uses low environmental impact packs and recyclable material.

Targeted answers:

Philip B. ensures precise answers for every need, with targeted, effective but delicate treatments. Philip B cosmetics can be easily combined with each other to create perfect and personalized synergies.

The Philip B. hair care routine has four basic steps:

– THE SHAMPOO, to remove harmful substances, sebum, sweat, impurities and dusts that could be absorbed by the skin making the hair devoid of vitality.

– TREATMENTS, which make the stem elastic, shiny and easy to comb, moisturize and nourish thanks to their active ingredients.

– ANTI-AGING TREATMENT, to strengthen minerals, essential amino acids, and vitamins, in particular those of group B.

– THE STYLING, which thanks to the most suitable products allows to obtain the desired look, the ideal representation of one’s expectations.

Philip B. adv

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