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About brand

Petite Amie Skincare is an independent beauty brand founded in 2016, with an ambition to reinvent luxury skincare through a new conceptual approach. The brand offers a range of innovative sheet masks created with high-quality ingredients and a design mindset. Different from traditional skincare, Petite Amie Skincare’s approach to luxury is led by well-thought-out details, along with a potent combination of function and aesthetic.


Featured collection: Emoji Masque

The first-ever and one of the best-selling mask series, featuring emoji design and clean blend formulations to both boost your mood and pamper your skin.

New in: Botanical Brightening Masque

A two-piece, natural illuminating sheet mask uses all plant-based key ingredients from organically cultivated sources to keep your skin glow all day and all night.

Our expertise

Petite Amie Skincare conceives ideas using materials and ingredients of the highest quality to ensure a pleasure skincare experience while also guaranteeing maximum efficacy and safety. All Petite Amie Skincare products are cruelty-free and formulated with non-toxic-to-skin ingredients.

Our philosophy

Designing for quality and innovation enables evocative experiences.

petite amie skincare adv

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