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NILESSENCES® offers premium preventive and anti-ageing cosmetic products with Crocodile Oil as the determining active ingredient in a high concentration of 15% to 20%, with strong therapeutic power scientifically proven. Crocodile Oil is a noble and rare active ingredient, this natural ingredient is very effective and efficient.

It has anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal properties that make the happiness of mature and younger skins with problems and/or imperfections. This active ingredient is ancestrally recognized for its skin repairing virtues and its validated anti-aging power. The local populations use this remedy for its cutaneous benefits relieving more than 120 skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, erythema, acne, psoriasis, scarring…) NCO-THERAPY®

Our concept is based on NCO-THERAPY®, which we pioneered and have the exclusive right to use. Associated with our application ritual, Crocodile Oil has excellent preventive, anti-ageing, smoothing and lifting effects. For an exceptional result, after 21 days of use your skin is younger, soothed, luminous and firm. Clinically proven in independent laboratories under dermatological control.

We have thus developed our range of six NILESSENCES® cosmetic products including a Premium Face Cream, a Rejuvenating Serum, an Expert Anti-Aging Body Milk, a Hand Cream, a Lip Balm, a Premium Travel Kit and soon an Anti-Ageing Lift Mask (under development).


Mask-Elixir Nilessences® face, concentrated in crocodile oil with 97% natural ingredients. The high concentration of crocodile oil is based on “NCO-THERAPY®”, with unique results and scientifically proven effectiveness by clinical tests.

The multiple preventive and anti-ageing virtues of this exceptional treatment will bring to your skin all the benefits of crocodile oil: – Powerful preventive and anti-wrinkle – Radiance booster and anti-imperfection – Immediate smoothing and tightening effect and lifting – Strengthens skin elasticity, for firmer and younger-looking skin – Real moisturizing bath for the surface layers of the epidermis – Forms a protective and nourishing film.

The Mask-Elixir Nilessences® offers your skin a comfortable and melting texture with a subtle and hypoallergenic olfactory signature, based on neuroscience.


Our expertise

NILESSENCES® offers premium preventive and anti-ageing cosmetic products with Crocodile Oil as the determining active ingredient in a high concentration of 15% to 20%, with strong therapeutic power scientifically proven.

COMPOSITION & ACTION As the composition of crocodile oil is very similar to that of human sebum, it has optimal absorption properties. Its many unsaturated Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids can therefore deliver all their power and guarantee optimal hydration and nutrition. In addition to its anti-ageing power, crocodile oil also provides anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties that are key of an exceptional immune system. These properties provide solutions to those with problem and/or blemish-prone skin who want to combat the signs of ageing and skin imbalances at the same time.

RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT Nilessences products have been formulated and tested in independent laboratories ensuring results that are both objective and rigorously proven. Thanks to natural active ingredients, this French brand can offers products made from at least 96% natural ingredients and one hypoallergenic fragrance. They are the key but not the only component of this full range of high-quality beauty products, its sensory appeal, subtle textures and refined fragrances also set it apart from the rest.

HISTORY & PHILOSOPHY An industrialist with experience in industrial processes and a business man who enjoys taking up challenges, now that’s an intergenerational match made in heaven. Henri and Thomas Mertz are both characterised by a devotion to reliable and accurate data, high standards of performance and pragmatism. It is therefore only logical that they injected these same qualities into the Nilessences project. As a result, the crocodile oil, exclusively obtained from the only farm in South Africa providing sanitary traceability, underwent exhaustive testing in order for their ancestral truths to become undeniable scientific reality.

Our philosophy

“It always seems impossible, until we do it“. Nelson Mandela

HISTORICAL During a professional mining trip to South Africa in 2015, Thomas Mertz, discovered in contact with local populations an ancestral natural remedy “crocodile oil” with exceptional benefits for anti-aging, moisturizing and therapeutic well-being skin.

ORIGIN OF “CROCODILE OIL”. The oil is obtained from the fatty tissue of the Nile crocodile, whose most powerful immune system in the world has protected it for over 200 million years of evolution. (NCO = Nile Crocodile Oil)

THE NILESSENCES CONCEPT: THE “NCO-THERAPY®” “NCO-THERAPY®” is a therapy used for centuries by traditional practitioners, consisting in using “crocodile oil” for skin care with its exceptional richness in unsaturated fatty acids and their exceptional anti-aging properties, repairing and moisturizing properties. The “NCO -THERAPY® ritual” is a 100% NILESSENCES® concept validated by clinical anti-aging tests and scientifically proven with the use of “crocodile oil” at a concentration of more than 20%.


1 / Challenge and innovation First products 100% Made In France with “crocodile oil” and based on “NCO -THERAPY®

2 / High concentration of active ingredients – clinically and scientifically proven Excellent anti-aging / moisturizing clinical trials and “NCO-THERAPY®“, for cosmetic products with very high concentrations of “crocodile oil” up to 20%. Neuro cosmetic products with a high percentage of natural and organic ingredients with a recognized high efficiency over 96%.

3 / Animal safety and respect for ecological standards Our “crocodile oil” is completely traced which guarantees a constant quality of the oil and its effective fatty acid profile and ensures total control of health safety. Hypoallergenic fragrance based on neuroscience. 100% French manufacturing of very high quality.

4 / The most : Our commitment The NILESSENCES® brand contributes to crocodile defense and conservation projects by financially and morally supporting an NGO protecting this animal species.

5 / Our product line Expert anti-aging body milk / Hand cream / Lip balm / Premium anti-aging cream Rejuvenating serum / Premium travel kit

Nilessences adv

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