EDITION 2019 – New strategies and an enhanced focus on the virtual world for the unmissable event dedicated to excellence in niche beauty


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Milan, 15th June 2020 – Experience Lab, the reference event in Italy for excellence in niche beauty, is set to celebrate its second edition and is ready to restart. Recent developments linked to the spread of the Coronavirus have resulted in the event being postponed. In the interest of protecting and safeguarding the health of exhibitors and visitors, it will take place from March 31st to April 2nd 2021 at MiCo, Milano Convention Centre.

These months have proven to be fundamental in reshaping the strategy and studying a new and more appealing way of involving the public, even at a distance, through the more extensive use of the virtual dimension in order to develop new projects, leveraging the web and social media. Digital and reality now coexist, completing each other, generating new synergies and creative inspiration; never before online has been so strategic, at such a unique moment in time when it is not possible to organize events.

A few projects have been created to provide more in-depth and interesting information. An Observatory on emerging trends – Experience Trend, in the niche beauty industry, with the presentation of results over the next few months through webinars dedicated to single trends. The Experience Collection project, a virtual path conceived to enable all exhibitors at the next edition to present their identity, story and above all, the latest they have to offer on the market. In the website of the event has been developed this new section that eliminates distances and guides enthusiasts, retailers and buyers through the discovery of excellence in beauty care, the observation of skilled processes and the knowledge of raw materials, before the actual face-to-face meeting. Experience Tips, in the Experience Lab Collection section, a video story of the ideal Beauty routine recommended by various brands.

Experience Lab doesn’t stop and in addition to the website, the event’s social media channels become a place for meeting, exchanging all the latest, for sharing thoughts and opinions with a community of enthusiasts. Fresh contents, newness and in-depth information. Experience Lab is tracing a new, luminous and fascinating path in which research and quality are increasingly irreplaceable elements.

Niche companies propose beauty products which have been developed and formulated with particular attention to sustainability and meticulously selecting elements and active ingredients and perfecting state-of-the-art technologies. They are refined experimenters, attentive observers who promptly respond to consumer requests, differentiated and informed like never before and above all, focused on taking care of yourself.

Brands showcased at Experience Lab also distinguish themselves due to their ability to forge new trends, veritable philosophies of thought which consumers can relate to. They are skilled at telling stories which are always different, distinctive concepts and above all, provide a highly innovative experiential process.

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