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As an alternative to the wide range of cosmetic products and their sometimes complicated names or eye-catching packaging, MUTI developed its Simplicity philosophy in 2014 so as to bring greater clarity to the bathroom. MUTI focuses its products on the essentials, simplifying the day-to-day personal care routine without making any compromises. The brand itself calls this skincare minimalism: a reasonably sized range of sophisticated beauty essentials for women and men. Ingredients that are few in number but effective and high-quality. Reduced, timeless design. Modern. Unique. True. Intelligent. MUTI.


The latest addition to the MUTI Skincare Essentials portfolio is the CLEAN line of cleansers. Consisting of three products and enriched with the newly developed MUTI Peptide Complex containing active enzymes, this line ensures particularly thorough cleansing and, like all MUTI products, it is particularly mild and skin-friendly. The entire CLEAN line dispenses with strong surfactants, drying alcohols and perfume, so the products have a very low impact on the microbiome. Gentle sugar surfactants combined with active moisturizers cleanse thoroughly without drying out the skin or attacking the acid mantle.

CLEAN consists of the PURIFYING GEL CLEANSER, the GENTLE MILK CLEANSER and the HYDRATING MICELLAR WATER. All products have a pH value of 5.4 – 5.5 and are aimed at a specific skin type and need.

The brand also remains true to the Simplicity philosophy in design. The 200 ml bottles have a practical pump dispenser that can be opened and closed to prevent the products from drying out, making them convenient for travel purposes, too.

Our expertise

MUTI’s mission of simplifying the day-to-day care routine runs across all levels. Starting with the product ingredients, where unnecessary items such as fillers or dispensable preservatives are omitted. Through to the self-explanatory product names that aim to provide guidance in choosing the right MUTI product. Right down to the packaging design, with colour coding on the primary and secondary packaging. This makes it easier to identify the product and helps prevent confusion between day and night cream, for example – both in the bathroom and on the retail shelf.

MUTI also attaches great importance to its Munich location: this is where the independent indie brand develops and produces its Skincare Essentials with local partners – from the content to the packaging.

Our philosophy


Quality before quantity. The unisex products contain ingredients that are few in number but highly effective and all formulas are based on the latest scientific findings. Furthermore, MUTI is free of controversial ingredients.


All MUTI products are characterized by the clarity of their packaging and product design. A sophisticated colour concept makes it easier to identify product ranges. The choice is quicker, the routine much simpler.


MUTI provides a reduced product portfolio. The products of each range focus on the main requirements in each case. New products are based on the same concept. This ensures effective products, and each range can be logically extended.

MUTI adv

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