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Luce di Sorrento, a real secret of youth

Luce di Sorrento was born from a long research project within the functional dermocosmetics, linked to the Sorrento territory, to create an innovative and high-quality beauty treatment that helps counteract the effects of time, for a visibly younger and more radiant skin.

The experience gathered in these years of research and development has led to the creation of an exclusive line, for those women who choose both high-quality and efficient beauty products.

This extraordinary blend of science and nature uses rare and precious ingredients and the most innovative technologies: a constant effort towards excellence and innovation, where research is able to slow down time and aging.


A new Light to your face and time disappears

We studied unique actives and excellent raw materials, developing the Luce di Sorrento line in order to bring the most recent scientific research findings into the world of cosmetics.

Our Laboratories have created the LemonLux™ complex made of the Sorrento Lemon Essential Oil and the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Peninsula Sorrentina which, associated with Seawater and powerful natural and biotechnological origin actives, reactives the cell renewal and deeply regenerates the skin.

LemonLux™ is a precious elixir that immediately brightens and hydrates the face, providing a deep skin renewal.

The essential Oil made from Lemon of Sorrento, particularly rich in essential oils, is extracted from the citrus peel through a slow six-hour distillation process and then matured in our laboratories for six months.

This allows us to extract the most pure, concentrated and powerful molecules with a double action: a soothing action on mind and nervous system. At the same time it has a strong antioxidant action on the control of the lipid peroxidation induced by free radicals on the skin, proving the effectiveness of the natural antioxidant biotechnology in anti-aging treatments.

Formulas are enriched and made unique by the Extra Virgin Olive Oil, obtained exclusively from Peninsula Sorrentina’s olives, strictly hand selected and collected. The high value oil obtained is characterized by a very high concentration of antioxidants, able to give the skin nourishment, elasticity and radiance, preventing sagging and loss of tone, due to the passing of time.

The Seawater, rich in trace elements and mineral salts, offers the skin the remineralizing properties to be fortified and recharged; revitalizes and tones the skin and promotes a feeling of wellbeing with a delicate scent of sea.

Our expertise

Masterpieces inspired by nature and enhanced by science

Luce di Sorrento uses the LemonLux™ complex to create products able to give new life to the skin, hydrating and firming it with cutting-edge results.

The products are characterized by very innovative formulas, able to combine the undeniable effectiveness of topnotch cosmetics with the precious uniqueness of the natural sources of youth of our territory.

Global Lux Cream

Global anti-aging cream, deeply regenerates, protects and nourishes

The exclusive formula combines the LemonLux™ complex with Biotechnological origin Peptides, a high concentration of StabilizedVitamin C and Niacinamide. Day after day, the face will appear visibly younger and more radiant.

  • Tones down wrinkle and expression lines.
  • Contrasts skin aging.
  • Provides a beneficial antioxidant and protective action.

The velvety texture is rapidly absorbed, leaving a pleasant sensation of deep hydration and a delicate scent of Lemon.

Apply morning and evening, gently massaging into face, neck and décolleté.

In order to improve its effectiveness and for a global beauty ritual, we recommend using Global Lux Cream combined with Premium Lux Oil.

Perfection Lux Serum

Brightening and smoothing face serum to brighten up the face

A brightening, moisturizing and revitalizing concentrate for dull and dehydrated skin, even in the case of skin pigmentation.

The powerful actives like Stabilised Vitamin C, Hyaluronic Acid and Seawater, together with the LemonLux™ complex, provide vitality and radiance to the skin.

  • Confers a boost of energy to dull skin
  • Ensures an instant natural filler effect
  • Leaves you with an even, healthy and radiant complexion

Gently massage into face, neck and décolleté, breathing the delicate scent of Sorrento lemons and their aromatherapeutic action.

In order to improve its effectiveness and for a global beauty ritual, we recommend combining Perfect Lux Serum with Global Lux Creamand Premium Lux Oil.

Premium Lux Oil

Brightening face oil with extraordinary regenerative and antioxidant properties

A formula rich in precious protective antioxidants against skin aging, which combines the LemonLux™ complex with Vitamin E and Beta-sitosterol, for an intensive treatment to strengthen, regenerate and brighten the skin.

  • Helps to preserve the natural skin’s moisture levels
  • Favours cell repairing and regeneration
  • Nourishes and reinforces the skin’s barrier

The texture absorbs very quickly and the result is a radiant and velvety skin.

In order to improve its effectiveness and for a global beauty ritual, we recommend combining some drops of Premium Lux Oil with Global Lux Cream and Perfection Lux Serum.

Our philosophy

A unique project, artfully combining Research, Territory and Innovation.

It all starts in Sorrento, the Land of the Sirens, in the heart of our lemon and olive groves along hillsides and terraces sloping to the sea. Here the land meets the sea in an unbreakable bond with Beauty, included in all Luce di Sorrento products.

In our laboratories we extracted for the first time the essential Oil directly from the Lemons of Sorrento creating very innovative formulas, able to combine topnotch cosmetics research with natural active principles of the Sorrento territory, to create unique and efficient cosmetic solutions.

LemonLux™ was inspired by the most recent scientific and technological breakthroughs, exploiting the intense natural antioxidant and moisturizing action of Lemons of Sorrento and of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Peninsula Sorrentina, leaving the face soft and incredibly radiant, providing an unexpected aromatherapeutic action thanks to the delicate scent of lemon.

From the combination of territory and technology comes the Luce di Sorrento project, for a natural and timeless Beauty.

100% Natural Actives

Formula petrolatum-free, silicon-free, colourings-free, fragrance-free, preservatives-free, paraben-free

Dermatologically tested.

Nickel tested and Gluten-free.

Formulated for all skin types.

Made in Italy

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