About Brand

L’ODAÏTÈS was born from the desire of three sisters to share their proven and powerful yet simple skincare regime passed down by females in their family for many, many generations. L’ODAÏTÈS represents a return to the roots of skincare using time-tested, pure, clean, and powerful ingredients and extraction technologies that create treatments to protect and nourish the skin’s natural beauty. Their grandmother immersed them in the ritual of crafting her skincare treatments – involving them in the art of selecting the fruits and flowers from their garden, teaching them the recipes, and imparting the overall knowledge of the process. The sisters bring the generational knowledge of this ritual and their individual expertise as chemist and pharmacist to create a skincare line. L’ODAÏTÈS is more than a ritual to enhance beauty but a sensory feast for the skin​. DAÏTÈS is the Greek god of feasts and L’ODAÏTÈS cosmetics are a feast for the skin.


Fine Fleur – Body Cream: A must of sensory ingredients to hydrate & pamper your body. Its active ingredients are Moringa virgin oil, shea butter and date nectar. Fine Fleur has a fine and highly penetrating texture that is easily applied. It has the heavenly scent of orange blossom and orange peel. After application, it’s instantly absorbed with no greasy residue. You’ll immediately experience the freshness and hydration.

Philtre Sacré – Makeup removal oil  Face & Eyes This oil removes makeup thoroughly and exquisitely nurtures your skin. Its active ingredients are the olive oil, the desert date oil and the vitamin E. Philtre Sacré removes makeup thoroughly without any harsh effects on your skin. It cleanses while preserving your skin’s natural hydration and leaves your skin smooth and without any greasy residue.

Our expertise

L’ODAÏTÈS is  a well-aging skincare line with these characteristics  AN EXTRACTION METHOD FOR OPTIMAL BIO-ABSORPTION

The extraction technology used for our pure plant-based active ingredients (cold extraction, cold pressing, bio-fermentation, steam extraction …) allows for:

  • preserving their biological richness

  • and inducing a chemical affinity with the components of the skin. This enables a high absorption capacity through the skin

In addition, a careful sourcing of ingredients and packaging specially selected to preserve the freshness and quality of our skincare.


Nature provides well… for the last thousand years, the date palm tree has existed and thrived as the only reserve of life in the desert. Despite the arid environment with non stop exposure to sun’s solar radiation, the date palm tree has thrived and developed an unwavering capacity to defend and repair against the harshest environmental conditions. The cold extraction method of the date nectar, undoubtedly offers 360° active anti-aging properties through its multitude of powers:

  • Defense against cellular aging

  • Protection against photo-oxidation

  • Cellular regeneration power

  • Energy reservoir for cellular metabolism

  • Cellular communication activator

  • Protective shield of water reserves in the epidermis


  • 0% Parabens, Silicones, Phenoxyethanol, PEG, Colorants, Phthalates, Sulphates, …

  • Minimum of 97,5% of natural ingredients

  • 100% emulsifiers of vegetable origin
  • Soft preservatives

  • Incredibly subtle, light, soothing fragrance of Neroli

The skincare line inlcudes

  • Philtre Sacré – 100 ml € 32 – Makeup remover oil – face and eyes Olive oil, desert date oil, vitamin E.
  • Pure Merveille – 200 ml € 29 – Multitasking face & eye lotion, toning – cleanser – makeup remover Fresh aloe vera juice, orange blossom water, vegetable glycerin.
  • Pépite de la Palmeraie – 60 ml € 44 – Gentle facial exfoliator Date seed powder, olive leaf powder, fresh aloe vera juice, honey.
  • Elixir Bonheur – 15 ml € 62 – Replenishing well-aging serum Prickly pear virgin oil, jojoba virgin oil, Neroli, rosemary essential oil, vitamin E.
  • Ange Sensationnel – 50 ml € 78 – Intense well-aging face & eyes cream Date nectar, prickly pear virgin oil, hyaluronic acid, neroli, vitamin E.
  • Sève Divine – 50 ml € 49 – Radiance face mask Date nectar, honey, virgin apricot seed oil, vitamin E, clay.
  • Secret Nomade – 9 ml € 18 – SOS body balm Desert date virgin oil, jojoba virgin oil, vitamin E
  • Fine Fleur – 180 ml € 58 – Body cream moringa virgin oil, shea butter, date nectar
  • Orangeraie en Fleur – 200 g € 45 – Scented candle Neroli perfume, 100% vegetable wax, 100% pure cotton wick, 60 hours of light.

Our philosophy

HONOR THE SUBSTANCE AND EXALT THE PLEASURE OF SENSES Thanks to our pharmaceutical expertise and our long heritage of generational knowledge, we have succeeded in preserving the best methods of active ingredient extraction, which gives our fomulas a strong and synergetic combination of highly efficient ingredients with a high absorption capacity by the skin. Inspired by the wonderful universe of plants, we have been able to extract the best and thus preserve their active substances in their most original form to make balms, ointments, lotions, creams, etc… while ensuring that their sensory qualities are preserved. L’ODAÏTÈS is committed to supporting skin’s natural beauty using time-tested apothecary with the extraordinary power of natural and clean fruits and flowers. L’ODAÏTÈS is more than a ritual to enhance beauty but a sensory feast for the skin​

Using the finest essence, L’ODAÏTÈS offers a real joy for the senses and a skincare line clinically proven to be effective. DAÏTÈS is the Greek god of feasts and L’ODAÏTÈS cosmetics are a feast for the skin

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