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About brand

Jolì is a new line of essential face care products, containing precious apple stem cell extract. This line has been carefully created for the busy woman of today, who is looking for quality and multi-functionality in their skin care products.

The four Jolì line products will simplify your beauty routine and the product is made of up to 97% natural ingredients. The line focuses on four crucial aspects of skincare: hydration, regeneration, protection and detoxification.

Our products are rich in active ingredients from certified organic sources, and contain only essential oil based perfumes. At Jolì we use classical Italian traditions and techniques, allowing you the value and luxury of a beauty parlour in your own home.



Jolì mask helps the cells of your skin to keeping young, containing precious Uttwiler Spätlauber apple stem cell extract, that delay skin aging and reduce wrinkles. The high and low molecular weight hyaluronic acid increases the level of hydration and elasticity of the skin and keeps it healthy. The phytic acid, a natural antioxidant present in many plant-based foods, prevents skin blemishes. The red grape and olive extracts, from grape pomace and fresh olives from certified Icea organic sources, selected because riched in polyphenols, protect the skin from oxidative stress and contrast the damage caused by free radicals. The formulation is enriched of daisy and helichrysum extracts, that stimulate the skin detoxification system, preventing dark spots and giving a bright complexion to the skin. It’s an anti-age and luxurious treatment, contained in an elegant glass flask and enriched of a mix of essential oils, that give you a real experience of well-being to every use. The texture is a no-rinse fluid and it absorbs quickly. Use it in the evening in your cleansed and dry face, to wake up in the morning with a smooth, luminous and velvety skin.

Our expertise

Jolì is a brand born from the historic company Albanevosa from Vicenza and rivisited from Alba Beauty Science, with the intention to give new life to a timeless dream, basing on the needs of a modern woman. Inside the products line there is all the tradition and the technique of the Made in Italy, thanks to the original staff, placed side by side with a team of new beauty professionists, which followed the formulations development. Behind the restyling of the brand there’s Jenny, a professionist of the fashion world, with the passion for the natural and organic cosmetics, that decided to follow the heart in the job, dedicating herself with attention and dedication to the family and to the business. Jolì is a line of cosmetics for face care, reformulated for the woman of today, workers and full of meetings, who search for quality, multifunctionality and products lined with a more natural and conscious lifestyle. Jolì semplifies the beauty routine in few products, with performances of a beauty saloon and with everything you need for an healthy skin: hydration, regeneration, detoxification, protection from UVA/UVB rays, urban and digital pollution. Jolì uses up to 97% of natural active ingredients, contains ingredients from certified organic sources, microencapsulated sunscreens and a mix of essential oils that give you a wellbeing feeling on your skin in the morning and in the evening. The glass flasks make this new and clean brand ecofriendly and elegant, for all those women that want to take a short moment of wellbeing for themshelves, between a job meeting and a son to manage. Because they are the essential.

Our philosophy

Jolì brand’s philosophy is resumed with the sentence “less is more”, a concept that for us goes hand in hand with wellbeing and so with beauty. Less cosmetics with higher quality means to reach better performances for the skin, it means to buy with awareness, reducing the wastes and therefore the pollution, included the visual one due to different products accumulated in their own bathroom, opened and never fully used. For us, this is the first step to take for a more ethical and clean world.

Jolì adv

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