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About Brand

No compromise: our goal is to generate beauty and produce well-being.

HöbePergh is much more than a brand, it’s an exhortation to love yourself that starts from the body to get to the spirit. We look for results and we give results: immediate, visible, lasting. From the Asiago plateau, over 20 years of research and millennia of history offer us a mixture of pure natural elements and we develop specific solutions that are the result of continuous research, experimentation and phytotherapeutic innovation.


Skin Care 

All the Bio SuRice® products favor the cell replacement and elimination process and the generation of the new layer of the epidermis thanks to the properties of the plant stem cells of rice. These exclusive characteristics, based on the natural propensity of the exceptional raw materials present which act as a natural Anti-Age, give a precise and unique connotation to the functionality of the whole line.

Hand Sanitizing Detergent

Mountain pine e Lime

The hydro-alcoholic solution to carry out a hand sanitizing detergent without rinsing. Enriched with glycerin and pleasantly scented with essential oils of mountain pine and lime. It gives a pleasant feeling of well-being, freshness, and cleanliness on the hands. Practical to use, in the pocket format rechargeable it is used without water and must not be rinsed.

Our expertise

The uniqueness of HöbePergh products is given by the desire to combine the slow pace of nature with the most sophisticated production processes that allow the company to produce cutting-edge and increasingly effective formulations. All products, 100% natural and paraben free or silicone free, respect the principles of the green economy and are made trying to minimize the environmental impact of production.

All our ingredients are carefully studied and we combine only effective, clinically-tested active ingredients in clean formulas. The goal is to help the skin repair, regenerate and restore itself so that it can function. A skin ally regime produces results that can be seen and perceived, which is exactly what we promise to offer.

Our philosophy

Each product is made with natural ingredients collected spontaneously and chosen according to rigorous criteria. We reinvent the concept of natural to create effective and certified beauty solutions with some unique patents in cosmetics. For natural beauty: we dedicate our creations to those who love the purity of nature and the innovation of biotechnology, to those who are looking for a solution to their specific needs.

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