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About Brand

Over two and a half centuries of tradition, study, formulations. The history of the Galeffi family, which in 1763 opened in Montevarchi, in the heart of Tuscany, what originally started as a spice shop, recounts of an authentic passion and an attentive interpretation of ever-changing needs. Effervescente Galeffi – a lemon digestive still available on the market – was created and patented right there in 1872.

Generation after generation, Galeffi has distilled essential values. The outcome of their balance – creativity , impulse for innovation, awareness of the uniqueness of their history, great respect for the environment – translates today into I Numeri Primi.

The Numeri Primi line of organic products for face and body care developed by Galeffi Biocosmetics is for those who require effective products, safe both for themselves and the environment and easy to use.

AIAB certified – the Italian Association of Organic Agriculture that follows the most restrictive regulations of the European bio legislation – the line uses medical plants, essential oils and active ingredients of vegetal and biological origin carefully selected and reformulated with technologically advanced procedures.

The best, according to nature.



Its rich formula brightens and smoothes the skin since its first applications. The combined action of Chitosan, Beta-Glucan, pure Aloe Vera extract and Hyaluronic Acid is regenerating and reduces the effects of dehydration. Hyaluronic Acid protects the skin by reducing the signs of ageing, due to its large size solubility in an aqueous environment which guarantees deep tissue hydration, while protecting them form excessive tension and stress. Today thanks to biotechnology, we obtain our plant-based Hyaluronic Acid from a bacterial culture of Streptococcus zooepidemicu via a natural fermentation process. In this way our Hyaluronic Acid retains the highest purity rate available on the market. Our serum also contains Chitosam which has a regenerating, moisturising and soothing action for the most stressed skin and pure Aloe Vera extract whose moisturising properties are due to the polysaccharides, capable of retaining the water naturally present on the skin and not letting them evaporate, as well as shielding it from external agents. Aloe Vera is rich in vitamins, including: Vitamin A, known for its regenerating action; Vitamin C, which in addition to its antioxidants and immune stimulating activity, promotes the production of Collegan and has lightening properties; Vitamin E, with its antioxidant properties, protects the skin preventing damage to the cell membrane; B vitamins, including vitamin B5 which has anti-dehydrating and anti-inflammatory action. It also contains minerals that stimulate the immune system, promoting the healing of damaged or inflamed skin. The 1 Serum is ideal for all skin types, in every season. Thanks to its light texture, it is also ideal as aftershave.

Our expertise

Comply with safe products to a specific need. In 2014 I Numeri Primi was born from this very thought that Maria Letizia Benini Galeffi formulated by observing on herself the allergenic effects of some products. Heir of the family who in 1763 started the homonymous Antica Farmacia in Montevarchi, in the heart of Tuscany, managing it continuously until this year, Maria Letizia has chosen to channel her thirty-year pharmacist skills towards a wider project capable of shaping her vision.

Creating a line of face and body care organic certified which fulfils rigorous standards made with natural ingredients selected to guarantees safety, efficacy and a simple use, are the elements that Maria Letizia, who has always had a special eye on the relationship between nature and sustainability, has prioritised while developing Numeri Primi.

These products are high quality products, sustainable and functional, because thanks to their accurate formulation they allow an effective age support action while respecting the environment.

The Bio Eco AIAB Cosmetics certification guarantees the absence of non-eco-compatible or non-plant-based ingredients with a low environmental impact.

Our philosophy

Science, entrepreneurship, creativity. For generations these elements have been cultivated, intertwined, by the solid, open, cosmopolitan Galeffi family. The dialogue between science and humanism, fine arts and chemical formulas has proved essential.

Today Maria Letizia Benini Galeffi, thanks to a broad vision of the world and an innate curiosity towards man’s skills and complementary forms of expression, has chosen to leave a decisive imprint on the family business. With Galeffi Biocosmetics, which produces Numeri Primi, the gaze is turned to the future, to the new generations and to the responsabilities towards them.

Numeri Primi is the concrete synthesis of this vision, in which technological innovation is at service of ancient wisdom. In essential harmony with nature.

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