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Experience Lab: the second edition is set to take place from June, 15 to June, 18 2021

June 15 – June 18 2021 MiCo, Milan Convention Centre | CityLife District

Milan, 13 April 2022Experience Lab, the reference event in Italy for niche beauty, is the first Italian event, open to sector operators and the public, that connects unique brands, selected for their excellence in their reference niche, with operators in the international perfumery and beauty sector.

The event, which was created as a concrete response to a new type of consumer, digitalized, interested in products other than mass market or well-known brands, attentive to concept and innovative content, is the place to discover the world’s most innovative cosmetics brands of excellence.

Now in its second edition, Experience Lab charts its own direction, guiding industry professionals and visitors through the design spaces of MiCo, Milano Convention Centre, the beating heart of the City Life District, where they will find unique, emerging and cutting-edge brands offering experiences, discoveries and insights.
The event will feature more than 60 exhibitors from all over the world (UK, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, France, Sweden), who will present their latest products in the skincare, sun care, oral care, make up, grooming, baby care, bath & body, home beauty, lifestyle and beauty tools categories. The 2022 edition, characterized by high quality and a strong contemporary feel, aims to seek out niche companies capable of interpreting the needs of today’s increasingly informed, evolved and aware consumers.

With a wide range of cutting-edge beauty products recognized as top of mind, attentive to detail, from texture to packaging, from ingredients to fragrance, capable of stimulating the five senses and awakening emotions, sensations and memories, Experience Lab looks to the future of cosmetics.

The exhibitors stand out for their basic concept, the ingredients used, their degree of sustainability and ethicality and their ability to offer the consumer a highly innovative experiential process. The brands have been chosen through a careful scouting process involving various research channels, including social media, which is increasingly becoming a hotbed of emerging talent. After a careful and meticulous selection process by the Technical Committee, made up of experts recognized all over the world, visitors will be able to see the best the market has to offer in terms of excellent and niche cosmetics.

The new concept chosen for this edition, Endless beauty, is a statement of the conquest of personal awareness, underlining the value of beauty at all ages, which does not chase time, based on the search for products of excellence that can accompany and express the beauty and uniqueness of each person in every moment of life. The passing of the years has an impact with different nuances and beauty can give the right booster to ageless charm. Through personal care, everyone can be the best version of themselves, without crystallizing the most common dictates, living freely and learning to enhance its true self.

The exhibition space will be characterized by areas dedicated to the beauty experience – where visitors will have the opportunity to know better the brands, attend demonstrations, try out products and enjoy a 360° immersive experience – and themed areas that will outline the guidelines and orientations of the beauty sector for the future, including high-tech cosmetics, mindful beauty, upcycled beauty, holistic experience, sustainability skincare, etc.

During the days of the event, in the conference hall, there will be plenty of workshops and talks with experts in the sector, which will enrich the Experience Lab program with important content. The conference calendar offers meetings dedicated to cosmetics with operators who will address various topics such as the study of the skin’s microbiota, companies’ responses to recent developments in the beauty market, the value of outer wellbeing as a reflection of one’s inner wellbeing and the concept of centerdness.

The event will display the 5 projects realized by the 22 students of the Health & Beauty New Generation course at the Politecnico di Milano, a training course of excellence that stands out for the operational slant of the planned teaching. The students had the opportunity to study the most suitable strategies for devising new concepts for niche cosmetics products by developing their vision, mission, design, integrated communication and the possibility of implementing brand extension projects.


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Giuditta Amisano