June 15-18, 2022 | MiCo, Milano Convention Centre | CityLife District

Experience Lab, the reference event in Italy for niche beauty, opens the doors of its second edition to operators in the perfumery and international beauty sector and to the public in the design spaces of MiCo, the Milan Convention Centre, the beating heart of the City Life District. The 2022 edition, characterized by high quality and a strong contemporaneity, sees over 60 exhibitors as protagonists, selected thanks to careful scouting and coming from all over the world (UK, USA, Taiwan, Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Spain, France, Sweden). The brands, interpreting the needs of today’s increasingly informed, evolved and aware consumers, are ready to offer experiences, discoveries and insights and to present their new products.



Beauty in the Post-Covid 19 Era - Il Beauty nell'Era Post-Covid19: Nuove Tendenze e l'Importanza dello Storytelling

With Chiara Bonucci, Marketing & Sales Manager Italy “Beautystreams”

Beauty and Wellbeing are the Result of What We Experience Internally and What We Reflect Externally

With Pierre Ravan, Heartfulness Meditation & Yoga Trainer, DJ/Producer and high-end Fashion&Fragrance Collaborator

Behind the Scenes of Innovation - Dietro le Quinte dell'Innovazione

With Annalisa Betti, Journalist and Matteo Locatelli, CEO Pink Frogs Cosmetics

From the Concept to the Market Launch: How to Create scented products Line - Dall’idea al lancio sul mercato: come creare una nuova linea di prodotti profumati

Giovanni D’Agostinis, Founder and Cosmetic Consultant at Cosmeo and Claudia Scattolini, Fragrance Designer

The Cutaneous Microbiota: a new Frontier in Dermocosmetics

With Emanuela Bartolozzi, Physician, Specialising in Anti-Aging Medicine and Cosmetic Science, Expert in Nutrition, Nutrigenomics and Integrated Medicine