EXPERIENCE LAB: Between Perception and Emotion

Dress Code? Your Beauty True beauty starts with ourselves

6 – 9 March 2024, Allianz MiCo, Milano Convention Centre Gate 5 – Hall 4 – Viale Scarampo

Milan, January 31, 2024Experience Lab – International Beauty Exhibition, dedicated to research and excellence in beauty for its fourth edition – scheduled from March 6 to March 9, 2024, at the Allianz MiCo Milan Convention Centre – adorns itself in unconventional beauty, the most authentic and personal kind.

Dress code? Your beauty.

Even in this fourth edition, Experience Lab confirms itself as a must-attend event for those seeking a deeply engaging sensory experience. This year’s setups have been designed with the goal of fostering lively interaction with visitors, stimulating every sense and transporting them on a unique journey.

Even in this fourth edition, Experience Lab confirms itself as a must-attend event for those seeking a deeply engaging sensory experience. This year’s setups have been designed with the goal of fostering lively interaction with visitors, stimulating every sense and transporting them on a unique journey. The central theme of the event is a powerful and inclusive message that celebrates beauty in its most authentic and peculiar forms. Here, beauty is understood not just aesthetically but as a true lifestyle, an inner balance that manifests in everything around us.

In this direction, Experience Lab 2024 targets the curious, those who choose to surround themselves with beauty. Those who carefully select quality in everyday objects, who seek aesthetic gratification in both an object and a ritual. A perfect symbiosis between function and performance, knowledge and development, research and experience. So that everyone can find their own beauty dress code. It is envisioned as a laboratory to closely discover innovations within the international landscape, featuring a selection of Italian and foreign exhibitors chosen by the technical committee, many of whom are reconfirmed from the previous edition and about 50% new exhibitors, totalling more than 50 brands.

Companies will display products in skincare, haircare, oral care, sun care, make-up, beard grooming, bath & body, nail care, baby care, and beauty tools, having the opportunity to showcase their concepts, aiming to create direct commercial relationships with the buyers present and to share novelties with the public. The leitmotif of this edition is the ethical and sustainable use and origin of ingredients, in addition to the synergy between disciplines, the symbiosis of cultures, the creation of innovative formulas and textures, the use of custom-made products, and innovative active ingredients developed with the latest biotechnologies

There will be cultural moments that will compose the event calendar, led by beauty sector insiders, scientific experts, and professionals. The schedule kicks off on Thursday, March 7, with a presentation by Prof. Umberto Borellini, a renowned cosmetologist, who will explore the connection between neuroscience and olfactory sensations. This will be followed by discussions on the value of the excellence supply chain in the cosmetics sector, with a particular focus on the importance of transparency and quality by Massimo Novati, Perfumer CFF, Federico Fumo, founder of Laboratori Effe – Società di ricerca e Formulazione Cosmetica, and the Marketing CFF – Creative Flavours & Fragrances SpA team. Silvia Andreani, Luxury Beauty & Fashion Client Officer at Ipsos, will hold an engaging discussion aimed at exploring how technological advancements, particularly in artificial intelligence, are being used to enhance and personalize experiences in the beauty sector, highlighting the symbiotic relationship between technology and human touch in the evolving beauty landscape. Concluding the day’s conferences, Giulia Paladini through Be Indie, the first platform that enhances the value and impact of independent beauty initiatives and aims to create a support and sharing network for all those who believe in beauty as an expression of authenticity and independence.

Friday, March 8, will focus on the emotional and social importance of beauty, exploring the theme of skin not only as a physical boundary, thanks to the participation of Annalisa Betti, journalist and beauty expert, Matteo Locatelli, CEO of Pink Frog Cosmetics, and Andrea Amari, CEO of ActiveBox cosmetically different™.

Saturday, March 9, begins with discussions centered on the language of social media in the beauty industry by Cristian Cavagna, Trainer – Fragrance Expert and founder of the namesake perfume brand, and Annalisa Betti, continuing with insights into skin health both from an internal and external perspective with Gisberto Caccia, pharmaceutical chemist and lecturer. There will also be moments of reflection on the strategic and political potential of beauty through the biography of Cleopatra presented by Roberta Deiana, Writer, Podcaster, Perfume copywriter, and on the science and current cosmetic market with Marisa Ascioti, pharmacist, cosmetologist, and Director of the ICQ® course, who will share her experience in the sector with I. Barbotti (Assoinfluencer PR), B. Catozzi (Pharmacist, Cosmetology Expert in Regulatory, Founder of Scienza Cosmetica), A. Ciccotosto (Lecturer and Cosmetic Marketing Consultant Responsible), A. Gezzi (Dermatologist), D. Mancini (General Manager Journalist EDRA Spa).

Attendance at each talk will be completely free, and the conference room will be open to the public for all four days of the event.

Experience Lab will be held concurrently with Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event, the world reference meeting of artistic perfumery, which is preparing its fourteenth edition in the name of the most authentic and refined olfactory culture.

Also for this edition, thanks to CFF – Creative Flavours & Fragrances SpA, sponsor of Esxence -The Art Perfumery Event, in partnership with Federico Fumo of Laboratori EFFE, it will be possible to participate in an exclusive olfactory experience that will allow attendees to discover the original raw materials used by the fragrance house, then blending them into a cosmetic product. An unexplored garden of natural and innovative synthetic raw materials.

Reservations will soon be open on the Instagram channels of both events @experiencelabmilano and @esxenceofficial

Entry for professionals during the four days of the event
Non-business entry on Saturday
Opening hours: from Wednesday to Friday from 10:00 am to 6:30 pm – (last entry at 6:00 pm)
Saturday from 10:00 am to 4:30 pm – (last entry at 4:00 pm)


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