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About Brand

Erbario Toscano relentlessly pursues a perfect olfactory harmony, orchestrating fine ingredients from Tuscany. Explore, innovate, revolutionize is the mantra of its art director Egisto Bertozzi. Beauty products, perfumes and home fragrances are produced in a “family size” business context, which guarantees each products is unique and inimitable. Erbario Toscano products are paraben free, containing organic ingredients, dermatologically tested and packaged using environmentally friendly and recyclable materials.


La via del profumo is an olfactory journey through the most suggestive scenarios in Tuscany.

“I wanted to create this new line as an olfactory journey dedicated  to my homeland. As it represents an itinerary of sorts, I called it “La via del profumo”. Through it, I invite you to discover Tuscany over different seasons of the year, during the flowering and harvesting, through century-old traditions and customs” Egisto Bertozzi, art director of Erbario Toscano

12 Eau de Parfums inspired by locations such  as Lucca, Florence, San Gimignano, Maremma and the Val d’Orcia which come to life thanks to these exquisite olfactory experiences. The 12 fragrances are true to their Italian names: Tabacco Dolce, Iris Muschiato, Zafferano Rosa, Speziato Nero, Legno Patchouli, Terra, Elicriso Marino, Rabarbaro Esperidato, Fior Gentile, Tuberosa Ambrata, Foglia Ghiacciata, Cuoio Bianco.

The environment is always in the limelight: organic alcohol, the packaging is FSC® certified paper, ultra-light glass bottles for low CO2 emissions for a reduced environmental footprint with a separable screw cap for a correct disposal.

Body skin care & eau de parfum

Salis Salis is inspired by the sun, the sea, and the Mediterranean underbrush. The marine, mineral notes, remind of a walk on the shore, when the sun rises and fills the air with a salty freshness. For those who long to feel all year round the energy of  the sea.

Tuscia Berries The ancient region of Tuscia gifts us with a fruity-floral bouquet. Its contrasting character encloses in its fresh and fruity notes and flowery heart, all the authenticity of Tuscany. Moisturizing and soothing.

Black Pepper The energy of sicilian citrus fruits encounters the mystery of black pepper. Sensual notes, woody and ambered, that tell a story of the exotic charm of far away countries. Give a pleasant sensation of wellbeing.

Our expertise

From the sea breeze of the Tuscan archipelago with its Mediterranean climate, to the aroma of the gentle rolling hills of the Val d’Orcia, Erbario Toscano collects precious natural ingredients to use in its laboratory. Made in Italy perfumes, home fragrances and beauty products, which are an abundant source of unique sensory experiences. Shapes, colours and scents become a source of inspiration in a Tuscany rich in art, history and culture. The design of the Erbario Toscano bottles is a tribute to the end of the 19th century Florentine pharmacy tradition. The shape of the luxury home fragrances is reminiscent of a glass inkwell that Egisto Bertozzi, creator of the brand, used to see sitting on his grandfather’s old desk in his workshop. The elegant perfume bottle of the La Via del Profumo collection, with its ultra-light glass and low CO2 emissions, is a link between the beauty of tradition and todays demand for environmental sustainability.

Our philosophy

Erbario Toscano is the encounter between the world and Tuscany. Extensive research and a thorough understanding of its refined and selected ingredients added to creativity and modern technologies, give life to the inimitable and sophisticated formulas that characterize all the Erbario Toscano collections.

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