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About Brand

Edward Bess, a young NY model, decides to create a timeless, young, sophisticated line of makeup, skincare, haircare and fragrances, able to enhance the beauty that every woman brings. Playing with flashes of light and brushstrokes of sensuality, it combines the quality of products mainly made in Italy, with the glamorous style of his city, giving life to an irresistible refined style.

Timeless nuances and a visionary and sophisticated approach to beauty at the same time: Edward Bess, faithful to his motto “Less is More”, courts the beauty that every woman has within her, making her shine in a bundle of naturalness and sensuality, with a collection that has captivated admirers and celebrities all over the world.


Threads of Silk – Amalfi

Meet a skin perfecting marvel – a finely milled complexion enhancer woven with silk fibers to infuse the skin with luster and leave it more radiant that ever before.

Exquisitely crafted in the northern region of Italy, this satiny smooth powder is as soft and luxurious as silk, one of the finest and most highly cultivated fabrics in the world. Woven with actual silk fibers, this multi-tasker adds warmth and dimension to the face and eyes, allowing features to take on a new vitality.

Optical light reflectors mimicking those found in silk threads deflect light to blur away imperfections and bestow luster for skin that rivals real silk.


• Super silky multi-use powder for face, cheeks and eyes

• Made with real silk fbers, the powder formula contains three intricately woven color coordinated hues designed to enhance your complexion

• Special light diffusers soften the complexion so imperfections are optically blurred away

Our expertise

Born in Charleston, South Carolina, Edward Bess, an innate sense of style and attention to detail, soon discovers his aspiration and from the earliest memories he sees himself analyzing the forms of beauty around him. “Ever since I was a boy, my mother and my three sisters turned to me for beauty advice, an advance of what would have been my life: to guide women to look their best.”

At the age of 15, on the occasion of a trip to New York, Edward applied to the Professional Performing Art School to study theater. He is accepted at the prestigious Manhattan theater school, and this exposes him to different cultural inspirations and contaminations. While continuing his studies in theater, he begins to consider his model career, which will lead him, at the age of 18, to move to London. Londoners are days full of casting and photo shoots, elements that blend with the thrilling experience of living abroad. His singular style will be deeply influenced by all this.

In 2006 Edward decided to abandon a thriving career and created his first line of lip products “The lip wardrobe”, ten lipsticks and five glosses gathered in an elegant box. Its goal? Create classic and timeless nuances that can enhance and “woo” women. On his debut at Bergdorf Goodman “The lip wardrobe” was immediately sold out.

A loyal following of customers asked the new beauty visionary to extend its range.

Edward has therefore expanded his product range by introducing shades for eyes and face together with the refined Edward Bess Black Sea, an entire line of skincare and make-up products inspired by the mystical charm of the Black Sea.

In 2010 he landed at the Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills and from there he brought his philosophy all over the country.

Our philosophy

Makeup as an evolving art that amazes, amuses, innovates, far from the classic marketing concepts and close to the needs and requests of customers.

Edward Bess’s motto is “Less is more”, his brand is appreciated and followed by a long list of celebrities that are constantly increasing.

From the first day Edward has kept his commitment to offering products with the highest quality standards, which allow every woman not only to look her best, but also to feel her best.

Thanks to his continuous attention to detail and to his deep-rooted passion for beauty, Edward Bess is an internationally recognized brand, admired for his ability to remain faithful to his original vision, pursuing a philosophy as simple as it is complex to achieve: allowing everyone to express, also through makeup, the original and unique beauty that they carry within themselves.

The distinctive character of his products certainly lies in his ability to become an innovator, at the same time creating timeless classics able to enhance the beauty of every woman, with a view to respecting her individuality. With a theatrical taste, his goal, while enhancing the features of the face, is to wrap it in a seductive play of light and shadow, focusing the use of full, sensual and timeless colors on the mouth and eyes.

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