April 25-27, 2019 | Villa Quarzo, Porta Nuova, Milano

Experience Lab is the first event dedicated to indie cosmetics. Conceived as a laboratory in which to discover up close the most innovative brands within the international panorama which among the most important characteristics have the use of active ingredients, high quality organic raw materials at zero km, coming from the territory of origin, attention to the vegan world, natural and organic ingredients, ranging from buffalo milk to beer, from caviar to medicinal and aromatic herbs, from silk to extra virgin olive oil, from grapes to pomegranate, from snail slime to bee venom. innovative and advanced technologies, respect for people and the environment, being cruelty free and totally healthy and clean.

Experience Lab is also a unique opportunity for the public, increasingly informed and aware, to test new products and understand the philosophy and concept behind each brand. During the three days of the event, in the conference room set up for the occasion, workshops and conferences with industry experts.