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Araxi – soul of Sardinia was born in 2016 of an idea of Marco Abis, owner and founder of GA.MA Beauty S.r.l., a leading company in Sardinia in the area of professional phytoceutical cosmetics.

Enclosing the soul of a land – his land – in a fragrance, turning that breeze (araxi, in Sardinian language) caressing the sea, the hills, the mountains, into the fresh notes of a perfume: that’s how  Araxi, breeze of Sardinia, was born, a unisex perfume, first creation of the Line Araxi, Soul of Sardinia. Myrtle, thyme, citrus fruits, sky stone-crop, iris, are some of the elements characterizing its special scent.

But there was so much else to tell about that ancient land, with its sour and proud, sweet and deep flavour, and its clear and mysterious water, revealing and hiding ancestral memories.

All this gives birth to other two fragrances.

Araxi Moro (for men), energy of the land, with its intense and deep notes, and Araxi Mora(for women), magic of the water, characterized by a warm and sweet bouquet.

Araxi. Wind, Land and Water, telling the soul of an island through fragrances.


ARAXI – soul of Sardinia SKIN CARE The sensual fragrance of Araxi for Sun Creams, Body Shower and Body Lotion. We create beauty with Nature, developing the latest products for enthusiasts of aesthetics and well-being. Thanks to the sun, the wind, the land of Sardinia, where the essences strongly release healthy and natural environments, you can combine the healthy and natural environment allowing you to improve the quality of life.

ARAXI, BREEZE OF SARDINIA Araxi, breeze of Sardinia (unisex) is inspired by the sunset in Capo Mannu, a magical place that makes you feel at the bottom of your soul the real poetry of Sardinian breeze, the sound of the wind and the sweet melody of the waves, evoking unique sensorial and olfactory emotions. Cool like breeze, embracing like sea, warm like its land, Araxi holds fresh and lights notes inside. It contains scents of citrus fruits, thyme and galbanum, middle notes of myrtle, iris and sky stone-crop, leaving a trail of woods and amber, as precious as jewels.

AN ONGOING STORY… Araxi gives birth to Araxi Moro and Araxi Mora. Wind, Land and Water are the elements characterizing an ancient, proud and wonderful territory. They tell about a unique Sardinia, with a strong character, distrustful and hospitable at the same time, a land showing its story boldly, keeping its identity and uniqueness with pride.

ARAXI MORO, ENERGY OF THE LAND Of the symbology of the bull, dominant figure in pre-nuragic culture and during the Neolithic Age, ancestral protagonist evoking an impetuous strength, as well as powerful masculinity and protection, Araxi Moro (for men) was born. Strength of a land full of ancient memories, with a strong and sour character, but also romantic while combining sweet and intense notes, losing themselves in the ancestral meanderings of woods and balms.

ARAXI MORA, MAGIC OF THE WATER Of the water, represented by the sacred well, symbol of fertility, purification and regeneration, connected to the feminine sphere and the moon, Araxi Mora (for women) was born. Magic of the water, poetry of gentle, soft and sensual notes, feeding on ancient roots, harbouring dreams with its exciting and seductive olfactory secrets.

Our expertise

GA.MA Beauty S.r.l. was born with the aim of proposing to the Sardinian market of professional cosmetics, a line of high-quality phytoceutical products and treatments, so as to obtain the best functionality on skin, and the minimum environmental impact.

The line of products and treatments under the brand «Fitomediterranea Fitoceutici» is completely natural and takes advantage of biotechnology to boost the active substances ensuring high quality and effectiveness.

The ongoing research and development of innovative matches among the best phytoextracts from the Mediterranean area and outside it, allows us to ensure the maximum effectiveness of our products.

Thanks to this important experience, the brand Araxi was born, with a line of high-quality perfumes and products, under a catchy and elegant name, whose purpose is proposing a Sardinia made of mystery and beauty to the national and international market of luxury cosmetics.

Our philosophy

Araxi – soul of Sardinia fragrances want to be my tribute to the Sardinia I love. They enclose its history but also its present. They know of wind and sea, of uninhabited plains, of inlets and plateaus, of green rocks. They release the scents of the Mediterranean scrub, give off the heat of the sun. They are rich in everything that this unique land can give. Of what Sardinia is for me.

Araxi is my way of making Sardinia known to the world because every man wants to be able to talk about his great love”. – Marco Abis –

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