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In 2018, after about 2 years of intense preparatory work, ARDEX presents “51.3”. An exquisite cosmetic line, studied for face care, technologically advanced and based on the use of natural products, emulsifiers of vegetable origin, highly characterizing functional principles not of animal origin and not tested on animals.

The attention paid to the choice of raw materials and the care taken in the processing and in the packaging make “51.3” a high quality product, placed in the medium / high range of the market.

The entire production is characterized by the use of vine sap, kiwifruit water from organic cultivation and ginseng.

Anti Age Face Serum ml. 30 It is a light lotion that is easily absorbed and gives an immediate sensation of more taut and hydrated skin. Depending on the type of skin, it can be used alone or in combination with face cream.

Anti Age Face Cream ml. 30 It is an emulsion with a full-bodied but not greasy texture, delicate and suitable for use individually or after applying the serum. It has a fresh and light fragrance.

Eye Contour Gel ml. 15 In addition to the malvasia vine sap and organic kiwi water, it contains ginseng, natural anti-wrinkle. Contributes to keeping the skin toned and elastic, helping to prevent the classic “crow’s feet”

Body Milk ml. 150 Semi fluid, light and delicate body emulsion, based on vine sap and organic Kiwi water rich in vitamin C. It makes the skin soft and velvety giving a pleasant feeling of well-being.

All products do not contain Parabens, Phenoxyjectanol, PEG, Silicones, SLS, SLES, Dyes, GMOs or Pesticides. They have undergone Challange Test and Patch Test, comply with the rules of the European Regulation n. 1223/2009 / CE and comply with GMP. (Good Manufaturing Practies). They have also been subjected to specific tests which show a presence of Cobalt, Chrome and Nickel of less than 1 ppm.  



Follows the philosophy adopted by Ardex srl for the production of Anti-Age products, that is a line of Natural and technologically advanced products, that uses emulsifiers of plant derivation which are very poorly aggressive on the skin; Preservatives that are not potentially harmful to the skin and vegetable oils with the least possible comedogenic outcome, as far as known by common knowledge.

The line is a “Routine” for the treatment of impure skin, which includes:

  • Face cleanser Light cleansing and purifying gel indicated for the daily cleansing of impure skin, based on Witch Hazel (astringent and purifying) and Pineapple Extract.
  • Face scrub Light and delicate emulsion. Thanks to the marked exfoliating action of the apricot kernel seeds, it eliminates dead cells and impurities from the surface layer of the facial skin, improving the skin texture and making skin radiant. In addition to vine sap, kiwifruit water from organic cultivation and jojoba oil there are other functional principles such as pineapple and papaya extracts which have an antioxidant and skin-purifying function. The other added functional principles, each with its own peculiarity, act in synergy – increasing the effectiveness of the product. To be used every 14 days.
  • Dermo-purifying Face Cream (day) Emulsion with a “full-bodied” and delicate texture based on Jojoba Oil, it contains Vit. B3 (Niacinamide) with sebum-normalizing properties and useful in fighting enlarged pores. It is enriched with Fruit Acids (Malic and Tartaric) which allow to release sebum from the follicle more easily, avoiding the formation of boils and blackheads. For daily morning use.
  • Face Serum Light lotion for the face, containing Vit. B3 (Niacinamide) with sebum-normalizing properties and useful in fighting enlarged pores; Fruit acids (Malic and Tartaric) that allow the sebum’s release from the follicle more easily, avoiding the formation of boils and blackheads, Papaya extract to hydrate and improve facial imperfections.

Our expertise

Ardex was born from the passion for racing cars and speed. The company took its name from the sports prototype car, the speed “51.3” took its name from speed, which corresponds to the best lap time at the Magione racetrack … and time is the central element of the anti-aging line “51.3”.

A young, simple but strong personality brand that first introduced the use of Grapevine sap, discovering the strong antioxidant power of Viniferine.

The main objective of the company is to expand research and experimentation to create a high-level brand capable of reaching ever wider and more targeted market shares. “51.3” is a natural cosmetic line that is also well suited to the male audience. Strongly innovative and performing, it is based on the use of vegetable substances and is not tested on animals. The simple and linear packagin gives it a touch of elegance that makes it an “object” pleasant to use and give away. Ardex intends to further develop “51.3” by introducing new products for the face and body (Dermopurifying Line, Anti Age Facial Mask, Leg Gel, etc.) which are already in the study and experimentation phase.

Our philosophy

51.3 is a cosmetic line created by Ardex for skin care, which ranks in the medium / high range of the market. It stands out for the quality of its components and for the care taken in the packaging. It is based on the use of natural products not tested on animals and without components of animal origin.

The entire production is characterized by the use of:

  • Grapevine sap Grapevine sap, a synthesis between the properties of the soil and vine, is harvested in spring after pruning; fresh cut exudes a water traditionally called “Lacrime di Vite” to which great healing properties have been attributed since Pliny the Elder. Young women used to apply the sap directly on face and hands to make the skin brighter and more uniform. It was even used as a “collyrium” to make eyes more shining and for the care of barley and conjunctivitis. In France, in Monpellier, they are studying these properties and it seems that there may also be positive effects on macular degeneration and other degenerative eyes’ diseases for which there is currently no cure. The key component of grape sap is a powerful natural antioxidant called “viniferina” which is sixty-two times more powerful than vitamin C. The sap’s properties are to improve circulation and harmonize melanin production, reducing redness and skin blemishes. In addition to its natural characteristics, grape sap is precious also because the of the limited obtainable quantity from the plant, making its collection possible only at the time of pruning. It is harvested by hand and purified in the laboratory with complex and expensive procedures that enhance its effectiveness.
  • KIWI water from organic cultivation Kiwi water is an extract of the Kiwi fruit from organic farming, ideal for fighting skin aging thanks to the high vitamin C content, much higher than that of oranges, important for the production of collagen, a support structure for connective tissues and the dermis. It is rich in mineral salts, contains vitamin E, and polyphenols capable of actively counteracting the effects of free radicals and cellular oxidation. It is suitable for oily skin because it helps regulate the production of sebum thanks to the astringent properties of vitamin C.
  • Ginseng Plant of Chinese and Korean origin known and used for centuries in the East in traditional medicine. It is considered a panacea for all illnesses to the point that Botany provided it with the name “Panax Ginseng”. The active part is contained in prevalence in the root and consists mainly of saponins and ginsenoids that fight the signs of aging, improve skin microcirculation, have antioxidant action and are a valuable aid even after periods of stress. Ginsenoids have the ability to block free radicals by counteracting the formation of wrinkles and reduce the keratinization of the skin by promoting the absorption of the other beneficial substances contained in the ginseng extract.

These components, with the addition of the various active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, caffeine and others, contribute to the characterization of the individual products. The packaging, consisting of glass bottles with droppers or dispensers, double-body airless containers and plastic bottle with fliptop cap guarantees the best conditions of use, hygiene and conservation. It gives the product a pleasant and elegant appearance that enhances it and makes it particularly appreciated also as a gift item. The bottles’ case is structured to guarantee maximum integrity and protection to the content, as well as both the snap-on bottom and the external cellophane wrapping.

Ardex 51.3 adv

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