The second edition
June 15 –18 2022

Experience Lab is the first Italian event open to professionals of the sector and the public, connecting unique brands, which have excelled in their own reference niche, with professionals of the international perfumery and beauty sector, to give them visibility, supporting their growth and success on the market.


The name alludes to the sheer multitude of immersive and multi-sensory experiences offered by exhibiting brands. Experience Lab is more than just an event, it is s veritable platform created to incentivise growth and the promotion of niche beauty brands. A unique opportunity to discover new products and the philosophy of each brand, together with their creators. A chance to renew your beauty routine.

perfume bottle


Aimed at final consumers, connoisseurs and enthusiasts with a passion for involving themselves in unique, multi-sensory experiences. By testing new products, discovering the philosophy and concept behind each brand at numerous live experience areas in which brands, based on a programme developed together with the organisation, will have the chance to propose their very own creations.

indie beauty exhibition in Milano


For the public, this translates into the discovery of stories which led to the creation of each brand, together with the creators. For buyers, this is an opportunity to discover new businesses, many of which have been recently launched on the market, selected in virtue of their quality, story-telling and aesthetics.

beauty exhibition

MI.CO, Milano Convention Centre

Milan, at the designer facilities of MiCo, Milano Convention Center, the beating heart of City Life District, a modern and vibrant setting for discovering all the latest from the world of cosmetic excellence, including green luxury, lifestyle and many other brands. Staged in elegant and original settings, integrated with new areas, organised into a path rich in experiential areas just waiting to be discovered.


Exhibitors distinguish themselves in virtue of their base concept, the ingredients they use, their degree of sustainability and ethics, as well as their capacity to provide consumers with a highly innovative experiential process. Brands will be selected thanks to meticulous scouting, involving different research channels, including social media, increasingly a hotbed of emerging talents. Following meticulous and extensive selection by the Technical Committee, including world-acclaimed experts from around the globe, visitors will be offered nothing but the finest quality on the market, in terms of niche and indie cosmetic excellence.


Experience Lab is the natural evolution of Esxkin, the section of Esxence – The Art Perfumery Event dedicated to beauty brands, the world’s most important artistic perfumery event. Both events will be held at the same pavilion and visitors will be guided along common experiential paths, enriched by live experience moments, ensuring significant visibility for exhibiting brands.



At Experience Lab discover all the latest cult brands and their philosophy from up close, come face-to-face and engage with the creative minds behind them.


Meticulous scouting guarantees the exclusive selection of brands whose quality, story, price and image make all the difference at stores. New consumers who crave novelty and are increasingly demanding, informed and curious, observe them on reference social media profiles.


Experience Lab is the place to discover the most innovative cosmetic excellence brand from all over the world.